The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion
Anna Holden

The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion

Anna Holden

Welcome to The Refuge for Sacred Rebellion

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About Us

The Refuge is a place for highly sensitive people, empaths, intuitives and magic lovers to exist together in safe space, learn how to embrace and utilize their inherent gifts, and help each other pioneer sensitive, creatives lives. 

Why You Should Join Us

Each week, you have access to a live video led by psychic powerhouse Anna Holden, who drops her experience, knowledge, tips and tricks for living joyfully in a sensitive body (spoiler alert - just add magic!). Videos include helpful info, plenty of discussion, ideas for sacred rituals, and guided meditations. Also stick around for early podcast notifications and discussion, learning to live in accordance to natural rhythms, and exclusive programs just for members.

A Big Thanks

This doesn't exist without you - period. We need you here, and we're grateful for your participation. Thanks for being your unique self in the world and for being part of this community!

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